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1/2″ Half Inch Graph Paper (A4, Letter Size)

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Printable 1/2 inch graph paper templates are available here. These graphing papers can be used for a number of purposes. Different sizes of half inch graph paper is shared here and they are used in school for math classes, keeping a bullet journal or simply sketching. As you can see there are square grids all over the graph paper and the size of a grid is half inch. If you are in need of the 1/2 inch graphing papers then check out the templates below and download a suitable one for your use.

We have shared the graph paper in Letter size and A4 portrait orientation. Letter size is 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches tall and the A4 size is close to this size. On this page, you can find out multiple half inch graph paper templates in the portrait orientation. Download and print any of the grid paper from here and start using it.

1/2 Half Inch Graph Paper

If you are a student or working professional who needs graph papers then it’s better to have a good graphing paper template with you because you never know what type of graph paper you may need. From this page, you can download and print the 1/2 grid paper that is available in the portrait orientation.

1/2 Half Inch Graph Paper


Half inch graph paper has 1/2 inch grid size. As you can see, this graph paper is covered with 1/2 inch grids. Download a pdf version of the graph paper from this page and start using it.

These graph paper sheets can be used by teachers as well in classroom. Perfect worksheets for both teachers and students.

1/2 Inch Graph Paper

Students can use a graph paper for their academic needs and homework. Working professionals can use a graph paper for their professional work needs. A teacher can use a graph paper in classroom to conduct tests, practice assignments or teaching tools, etc.

A “Download” link is available below each graphing paper preview or image. You need to click on the download link to download a graph paper in PDF format. Each graph paper type and size has it’s own uses, therefore you need to choose and download your graph paper wisely depending on the type of work you’re involved in.

Now you have multiple 1/2 inch graph paper templates to choose from. You can choose to download any graph paper from here in a letter size and A4 size. Browse this site more if you want to download more graphing papers, hundreds of graph papers are available on this site in different type, size, format, and layout.

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