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Centimeter Graph Paper | 1 cm Grid Paper in A4, A3, Letter Size

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1 centimeter graph paper has 1cm grids and that’s what separate it from a standard graph paper. This graph paper finds it’s application in many fields and this is the reason why here we have shared 1cm grid paper templates in A4 and letter size. A4 and letter size papers are the most commonly used papers and they are close in size to each other. On this page, you can find out graph papers in the portrait orientation. You can choose to download and print the graph paper PDF from here and start using it.

Use this type of graphing paper, students can draw graphs, do math exercises, make charts, solve geometry problems, etc. There are multiple uses of using this graph paper. Check out the standard blank 1cm grid paper on this page that is available in the portrait layout.

1cm Graph Paper in Letter Size

Finding a good graph paper template for free is a task. Here we have tried to provide the best grid paper for all our users. Check out the templates and download it for your use in Letter size. You can download a graph paper in PDF format and take a print-out as well. This graphing paper template can be used by both students and working professionals.

1cm Graph Paper


Different Uses of Graph Paper

There are many uses of graph papers. Both students and working professionals uses them for their work needs. Apart from that, an individual can also use for a variety of daily life work activities. The whole point of using a graph paper is to plot and measure the data with precision and to draw objects or trends with accuracy.

  • You can do calculations with the help of a graph paper. Many teachers use 1cm graph paper to teach kids the concept of addition and subtraction. For calculation purposes, you can use the graphing paper that is available here for free download.
  • The another common use of graph paper is to draw figures or charts or trends accurately. The concept of charts and figures is highly used in businesses specially in the sales department. Understanding a figure or a chart is much more easier than understanding those excel sheet filled with numbers. A graph paper is required for making charts or figures easily without any error or mistakes.
  • An individual can use a graph paper for planning his or her daily or monthly budget as well. With the help of a budget planner, you can keep a check or track on all your expenses and earnings.

These are only some of the uses of a graph paper. The use of graph papers are limitless. If you are working or studying in a field where graph papers are used then you must have a good graph paper template with you.


Just like any other graphing paper, 1cm graph paper also has it’s uses and applications. On this page, we have shared the centimeter graph paper in Letter size, more size will be updated soon. Till then you can browse this site more and look for other type of graph papers and download one for your use.

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