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5mm Graph Paper PDF (A4, A3, Letter Size)

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A graph paper comes with a prearranged grid. You can see the use of these grids in many subjects including mathematics, engineering, and craft. With the help of a graph paper, you can plot data with accurate precision and draw objects as well. A graph paper is known for measuring data or functions in a way that is proportionally correct. On this page we have shared the 5mm graph paper. If you are wondering what is 5mm here, then please note that grid size in these graph papers is 5mm.

As you can see there are horizontal and vertical lines that are 5mm apart. You can see the use of graph paper in the field of engineering and art/craft. Here you can find out 5mm graph paper in the portrait orientation. A download link is available below each graph paper image from where you can download a PDF version of it. You can print the graph paper from here and start using it.

5mm Graph Paper (Letter Size)

There are many subjects and work places where it is mandatory to have a graph paper. This is why you should have plenty of graph papers with you if you are studying or working in a field where a graph paper is required. Different type of graph papers are available in different sizes, you need to choose the graph paper template as per your need or requirement. On this page, you can find out the graph paper in 5mm grid sizes available for download in multiple layouts.

5mm Graph Paper


5mm Graph Paper PDF (A4 Size)

As a student, you need graph paper for your classwork, homework, assignments, project, exams, etc. Teacher may panalize you if you don’t have a graph paper, therefore, it’s advised to always have a graph paper template with you in printable format. A graph paper is known for measuring data accurately. Without graphing paper, you may find it much harder to make measurements accurately.


Students commonly used graph papers to draw lines, angles, geometric shapes, triangles, etc accurately with precision. A graph paper find its application in the field of arts and craft as well, used for drawing patterns, objects, 3d objects, etc. Download and print graphing paper for your use from this page.

More About Graph Paper

Students and working people who uses graph paper must know everything about them. You should be aware about the different type of graph papers, different sizes, layouts, orientations, etc. Graph paper is used in many fields including mathematics, engineering, arts, craft, data and statistics, etc.

This page is loaded with multiple 5mm graphing paper templates, available for download in PDF format. The grid size is 5mm here this is why it’s called 5mm grid paper. Feel free to download and use any of the graphing paper from here. For more such useful graph papers, you need to keep checking this site. Hundreds of graphing paper templates are available on this site in different types, category, size, layouts, and formats. Choose your graphing paper type and download it.

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